Two Ball   Update as of 5-17-2021

The Two Ball Pairings are below

1st round Must Be played on or before May 31st

Guy Petrin & Mike Paquin vs Chris and Craig Perham

Christian Merritt & Trevor Fleurent vs Jon Conant & Ron Pucci

Keith Lefebvre & Lee Chad Chasse vs Brant Belanger and Brian Beaupre

Jeremie Sirois & Scott Descoteaux  vs Steve Lapierre & Paul Lamontange

Jeff Turgeon & Reuben Sevigny vs Pat Laroche and Paul Nichols

Leon Paquin & Tony Bauer Vs Elaine Hevey &Helen Treadwell

Dan Roche & Delaney Roche vs Mike Haggett & Therese Tolliver

Gervais Dube & Roger Fournell vs Connor Hevey & Derek Bisson

Bill White and Thom Truman vs John Webb & Christine Goulet

Leo and Suzanne Payne vs Carl Johnson & Rick Horrigan

Dillon Fowles & Jeff Labbe vs Mike & Zach Mackinnon

Adam Flynn & Jon Jacques vs Dana & Jeff Hevey

Butch Kennedy & Tim Mariano vs Sean Dowd  & Ray Hebert

Mark Gerding & Norm Carpenter Vs Derrick Vezian & Tim Angel

The following teams have advanced by already playing their match or receiving a bye:

Joey & Andy Drapeau                                  Jon Macomber and Peggy Lowell

Sue Chantigny & Tom Dupuis                    Joan Hunnewell & Mike Donnell

John & Matt Duross                                     Lee Robator & Patrick Dunkle

Mike & Kyle Fecteau                                    Prudie Duross & Scott Craig

Loren & Deb Wass                                        Aaron Lacroix & Dawna Dumont

Carter Burnell & Glen Merrill                     John Conley & Kevin Mathieu

Jeff Goodwin & Marc Chantigny               Claude Grenier & Tom Engler

Dan Letellier & Bob Libby

Mike Dion & Noel Graydon

Ben Fortier & Zach Gerding

Bob Miniutti & Ron Gagnon